Out of Harm's Way

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Laden Sie dieses schöne Out of Harm's Way Buch herunter und lesen Sie es später. Bist du neugierig, wer dieses großartige Buch geschrieben hat? Ja, Terri Crisp ist der Autor für Out of Harm's Way. Dieses Buch besteht aus 416 Seiten und ist im Format E-Book, Hardcover, Kindle verfügbar. Publisher ist das Unternehmen, das Out of Harm's Way für die Öffentlichkeit freigibt. 1997-04-01 ist der Starttermin zum ersten Mal. Lesen Sie den Out of Harm's Way jetzt, es ist das interessanteste Thema. Wenn Sie jedoch nicht viel Zeit zum Lesen haben, können Sie Out of Harm's Way auf Ihr Gerät herunterladen und später einchecken.

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Out of Harm's Way Terri Crisp has saved hundreds of animals in some of the worst disasters in history. "Out of Harm's Way" tells the unforgettable story of the often miraculous, sometimes heartbreaking rescues she has effected. A resource section which lists animal rescue and aid organizations is included. of photos. Full description. Hier sind die detaillierten Informationen über Out of Harm's Way aals Referenz.

Originaler Titel:Out of Harm's Way
Autor:Terri Crisp
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A book for all not just adults, but kids too! - I am 13 years old and am in the midst of reading Terri Crisp's Out of Harms Way. It is a wonderful book about a womans contributions to saving the lives of animals during the worlds, at times, most dangerous threat, Mother Nature. I have always been an animal lover and when I am in a book store will look for books about people's expieriences with animals. I saw this book and bought it almost immediately. Once I started reading It, I was unable to put it down. Even during school when the teacher wasn't looking, I would sneak a look at the book! Only once was I caught and told to wait to read it later! It would take awhile to get through a chapter but It was worth it! I would also read it on the bus going to and from school. I keep track of all the books I read and I label them as ok, good, or excellent. This is definitely on the excellent scale. So even if you may only be 13 or even younger, and are very interested in animals or even just enjoy reading about them, then this...
An inspiring book of dedication and courage - I had the privilege of working as a volunteer with Terri Crisp during flooding in our area in 1997, getting to see first-hand her compassion and ability to inspire others. This book will inspire you, too. She has been instrumental in setting up a nationwide volunteer organization that has branches all over the country, whom she often personally trains through workshops. Whenever a new disaster strikes, be it hurricane, fire, flood or earthquake, I am comforted in knowing that the Emergency Animal Rescue Service is there helping stranded and abandoned animals and reuniting many of them with their owners. You will read some truly amazing accounts in her book and will take away from it the knowledge that there are quiet heroes loving and caring for animals on a daily basis and working constantly to make a safer and better place for animals in the midst of disasters. Each chapter is heart-wrenching, triumphant, filled with miracles. Whenever and wherever Mother Nature...
Best of its genre - I'm a journalist reviewing about 5 books of this genre for an article and I do think this is the best one simply because of the strength of the authors' storytelling and the power of the actual facts she sets forth. Lots of personal insights, intimate detail, and remarkable rescues. This isn't a book that someone just wrote overnight and sold with a pretty cover and large font -- this is really a long, well thought-out, dramatically paced and engaging read. I couldn't put it down. If you have pets of your own, you'll find yourself getting all misty eyed when you read of Crisp's determination to run into forest fires just to rescue rabbits or kittens. The history she tells of her emergency rescue crew is also a remarkable one. What an amazing group of people. This book really shows you the best and worst that animals bring out in humans, on both the individual and communal level. Best of all, she doesn't get preachy or political about animal rights; she just wants you...